Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

Optimistic Engineering Tech is a quality industry provider of fire protection services that meet the insurance and certification requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 

We specialize in a custom design, fabrication, installation, and support of fire protection systems, including sprinkler systems in the commercial and industrial markets. Our systems and services are backed by our experienced staff, innovation, and time-tested quality work. At Optimistic Engineering we understand the importance of fire safety in protecting the lives of your personnel, as well as the investments, assets, and continuity of your business. Whether you need a qualified company to provide fire protection system design or contractor services for your industrial or commercial structure, healthcare facilities, power plant, refinery or new business development, we are here to serve you. We provide high-performance fire safety systems giving you the competitive edge in today’s industry. Entrust your facility’s fire protection system design, contractor services, and suppression systems to MES, and let our qualified personnel assist you throughout your project

specification of Diesel Generator

Generators are known to deliver power. Sometimes, outrages in electricity may lead to unfortunate circumstances such as load shedding. The perfect generator for high workload and power requirements is the Powers diesel generator. It is efficient and affordable as it works on Diesel, which is an economical option these days. This incredible machine can light up an entire house and also a whole building or a store.
Lighting up stores is the primary desire of every business owner. This beast of a machine is made for this purpose. It can light up huge stores with ease. Due to its power, it is easy for them to deliver a large amount of power. A large amount of energy is required to run machines and light up buildings.

Free Installation

We are giving you free delivery within the whole Dhaka city and an accessible installation facility. What more do you want? You will not have to pay for the hefty delivery charges, and your installation will also be free of cost.

Standard Tool Kit

You will get a standard movable wheel kit with this portable generator to move the generator anywhere accessibleNo doubt generators are pretty challenging to move, but these high-quality movable wheel kits not only save you from spending much on the accessories of the generatorThese accessories are available with the generator, and you do not have to spend more on buying accessories.

Low Noise

Generators are known to cause high noise and are very disturbing, so one of the fantastic features of these generators is that they can cause low noise. This silent diesel generator will produce a 68dBA, and you can hear it at 7 meters distance. So again, this generator is one of the best to be considered.

Genuine Radiator

This diesel engine has a genuine radiator with an Engine Driven, and Fan mounted. So, this silent diesel generator has a very efficient radiator with different functioning. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of the radiator of this engine. It is probably one of the best and genuine radiators.

built-in Battery Charging function

Special Hazard Suppression Systems are designed for such applications when adding water into an environment creates serious harm. A prime example of water systems creating more harm than good is in the case of most electronics and manufacturing equipment. Moreover, installing a special hazard system suppresses a fire without damaging your company’s structures or manufacturing equipment. We provide specialized suppression systems for the businesses with special-hazard or high-hazard facilities, which meet insurance and local/national code requirements and ensure fires can be extinguished quickly.

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