Difference between LBS, Isolating Swtich and VCB

Difference between LBS,Isolating swtich and VCB

ISOLATION SWITCH is a kind of control electric appliance without arc extinguishing device.It forms a reliable

insulation gap after breaking, and separates the equipment or circuit that needs to be repaired from the

power supply with an obvious break point to ensure the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment .

Therefore, it is not allowed to operate with load. However, under certain conditions, small power circuit

can be switched on or off.

LOAD BREAK SWITCH is a simple arc extinguishing device, which can close and break load current and overload

current, but cannot break the short circuit current. It must be used in series with the high voltage fuse to

remove the short circuit current with the aid of the fuse.

VACUUM CIRCUIT BREAKER is an indoor distribution device in 50 Hz three-phase AC system.It can be used

for protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial and miningenterprises, power plants and

substations, especially in places requiring no oil, less maintenance and frequent operation.It can open and

close the circuit under load, when the system has a short circuit fault, can quickly cut off the short circuit

current. It can also automatically remove short circuit fault under the action of protective device.

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